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Wish a Little Wish

April 04, 2012

One problem with the microsoft development environments that I was...

Printing to and XP Shared printer

April 03, 2012
While Printing to an xp share windows 7 will sometimes return an error 0x0000052e "Access Denied". O...

Online Backups

April 03, 2012

With the recent Surge in Online backup companies, I thought I would give you a little advice on t...

Uploading and Download Files

March 28, 2012
It used to take a whole class of functions to accomplish what can now be done with a few lines of co...

Welcome to Professional Computing

Covering West Texas and the Concho Valley Area with computer and network sales and installation.

Below are some of our main services.


  • Website Hosting

    Website hosting and development is one of our specialties. Our Linux and Windows Servers are duplicated and have had zero downtime in over five years.
  • Custom Business Programming

    Whether a small contact application, company database or charting application , we will have no trouble exceeding your needs and specifications.
  • Network Diagnostics and Setup

    Our techs each have over 20 years of experience in dealing with computers, programs, and hi tech hardware. We will be able to quickly uncover the culprits with your network issues.
  • Check your webmail

    Click on the header above. Make sure to login with your full email address.
  • Remote Control

    Click Here to allow remote access to your computer. a large number of problems can be fixed without us ever going to your site.
  • Remove Windows 10 Upgrade Notices

    Click Here to download a control panel stand alone executable that will disable all current and future windows 10 notifications and modifications.