• Wish a Little Wish
    Date: April 04, 2012     Views:8569
  • One problem with the microsoft development environments that I was praying would be fixed with the release of Visual Studio 2010 and Now visual Studio 11 Beta that came out last week was the size specifiers on the control structures.

    Let me be more specific and break down the problem I am having at this time.

    When programming each control ( label, textbox,etc..) has dimensions that tell it where to place the  top of the control, wher the left side of the control is to be placed and what the width and the hight of the control should be. This works perfectly for most situations.

    Each of the values since probably before visual basic 6 have been INT value types. In Visual Basic 6 INT was defined as -32,767 to 32,767 pixels. Microsoft Datatypes
    Which means even today there is not enough screen space even with 3 10,000 pixel wide  monitors together to need to display a label at 32,768 pixel top or left. However since Visual basic 2003 , 2005, and 2008 when we started getting into 64 bit programming INT has been redefined as -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647. Looking at the documentation for the controls You would think that now we would be able to place a label at location over 2 billion pixels from 0,0 or the top left corner of the parent control.  This is sadly not the case, even though the documentation for the controls says you can since its and INT datatype any placement greater than 32,767 throws a fatal exception error.

    I was hoping that by now, everything  is 64 bit, Visual studio 11 Beta is out That the control definitions would actually match what the specifications say they should be. But no.

    I know. I know. Most older Programmers are saying , "There is no reason for anyone to ever need to place a control at that location". Well for the most part they are correct. Most applciations will never run into an issue with the control datatypes not being the right specification, but when you are dealing with specific industries, and not the general population , things become a little different. After all , The client dictates what they want the program to do and how they want it to look. We as programmers just have to make it work.

    If you need help with your programming or need more information on how we are currently resolving this issue. Please contact us.