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April 04, 2012

One problem with the microsoft development environments that I was...

Printing to and XP Shared printer

April 03, 2012
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Online Backups

April 03, 2012

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Uploading and Download Files

March 28, 2012
It used to take a whole class of functions to accomplish what can now be done with a few lines of co...


Here is a summary of our services.

  • Application Programming

    Company specific applications are fairly new to most markets,but are prized since the job they do is just what you need. Our rapid prototyping models give us the advantage of making your business more productive. An since most applications are connected to a database, entering the data in one place makes it usable in the company immediately. It can also tie into your website so the information that is entered is everywhere at once. If you are still using a proprietary software package, or are keeping up with thousands of excel spreadsheets, we can help.

  • Website Development

    With the realease of CSS3 and HTML 5 standards, it may be time to re-deply your current website. Static pages have given way to database driven, informational websites that load fast and look good. If your doesn't then you are missing out. Call us today.

  • Network Consulting

    Whether building a new office, taking one over, or ready to get rid of the network problems you currently have, we can help. We will analize all network connected devices and set up a milestone project plan to keep your company working at full speed in the information age.

  • Maintenence Contracts

    We offer several maintenance contracts starting at $129 per month. With our maintenance contracts we monitor your servers, maintain inventory , apply security patches, and have 24 / 7 telephone or chat support for your employees.

  • Interim / Training

    Our unique skills will allow us to come in and help smooth the path between ex IT employees and the new IT employees. We will quickly assist in documenting, automating tasks, securing the network from would be co-conspirators and making sure your business data is safe.

    We can also help train staff members on better computer use or specific applications.