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    Date: April 03, 2012     Views:7788
  • With the recent Surge in Online backup companies, I thought I would give you a little advice on the subject and some tips on how to make recovery easier.

    To start with I will be using Carbonite.

    Carbonite ( and Other online backups )

    While these seem like a good idea at first, there are some problems with these types of backups.

    • Most of these require software to be installed on your computer that constantly monitors every change made to files on your computer.
    • This has a tendenciy to slow down computers. Very noticably on older machines.
    • Only the files and folders you specify will be backup up.
      • You can choose your whole profile ( c:usersusername )
      • But this will backup every temporary file as well causing huge amounts of data going to and from your network connection. Causing more slowdowns.
      • This also will only backup the folders you choose. If you select my documents, pictures, music, videos and downloads, this will get 90% of the documents you create, but it WILL NOT get your outlook emails or outlook express emails or other specific programs that create seperate directory structures outside of your documents folder.
      • This will also not backup any installed programs. MSOFFICE, Word Perfect, Photoshop, or your office specific software.

    If you are working on a fast fairly new computer, that you only save word and excel documents to, this might be a good solution. An Office enviroment on the other hand IMHO is not a good venue for this type of backup.

    In a small or medium size office you usually have a server to centralize your data and access permissions. Having all data stored on a central server is usually the best solution in this type of environment. As long as the server is backup up to either a removeable drive or a tape archive system.

    If you are considering a new backup strategy, give us a call. we will be able to find you the best solution for any type of business need, in upgrading, replacing or completely revisiting your office backup strategy.

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